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Eye Brow Shape
Inc Mapping, Waxing, Threading & Plucking
Eyebrow Tint£8.00
Eye Lash Tint£9.00
Chin Wax£5.00
Lip Wax£5.00

(Please make sure all mascara is removed before an eye lash tint.)

An Eyelash Tint will last 4-6 weeks.
An Eyebrow Tint will last 3-4 weeks.
Waxing and Threading is recommended every 4-6 weeks.

Hair growth can obviously differ from person to person.
(Tints require a test 24-48 hours prior to service. If you have taken Roacutaine, or any other skin thinning medication waxing cannot be performed for 6 months after the medication has finished. Exfoliating and hot showers are not recommended before and straight after any waxing treatment.)

Please watch this video if your skin testing with Colourstart patches.