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Ladies Cut & Blow-Dry£27.00
Ladies Re-Style£32.00
Ladies Cut & Set£29.50
Gents Cut£16.00
Wedding Hair£35.00
Olaplex Treatment+£12.50


Wella Master Colour Expert (MCE)

Wella MCP Manchester 07112016


I have one of the highest level colour accolades in the industry, and regularly attend The Wella Colour Congress only available to MCE’s. This gives me a preview of up and coming colour and cutting trends that will bet hitting the streets near you!


All of the below prices include a Blow-Drys, to add cut would be an additional £11.00.
Full Head£44.50
Full Head of Foils£67.00
Half Head of Foils£57.00
Full Head of Foils & Head of Tint£82.00
Half Head of Foils & Head of Tint£72.00
Thick/Long Hair an Additional£5-10.00
Colour Correction -Mild Lightener£20.00
Colour Correction -Tone Removal£8.00
Colour Correction -Pre-Pigmentation£15.00 - £20.00

The use of Illumina colour will add an additional £3

What a colour correction may involve

A colour correction may involve a journey that can be costly and a lengthy affair, lots of factors can affect the end goal so please be patient it will take a commitment from both our parts.

Going dark to blonde if condition permits usually takes 3-4 sessions. Unfortunately, there are stages that the hair has to go through that cannot be done in one appointment so please be patient we will get there in the end.

If your hair is blonde and you wish to go darker you may need pre-pigmentation before a darker shade is applied , when initially first going dark due to the condition of the hair the colour may fade quickly so for the first 2-3 sessions expect a top up to come around a little bit sooner than normal.


Please watch this video if your skin testing with Colourstart patches.



This product really does make a difference to the condition of your hair. I believe in it so much; I only charge it out at cost!


Olaplex £12.50
with Colour service +£8


Keratin Blow Dry

The keratin blow dry is a semi-permanent treatment that smooth’s and improves the condition of your hair to make it more manageable it lasts up to 3 months this service is excellent if you have frizzy curly hair to tame.

Thick/Long Hair +£10.



Hair Extensions

I offer 4 types of extensions to suit each client’s needs, Micro Ring, LA Weave and Integrated Hair Mesh System. No chosen method uses glue to fix the extensions meaning the hair is subject to no damage at all for the duration being worn. Maintenance to be done every 4-8 weeks depending on your hair growth rate The Integrated Hair Mesh System is suited to those who have Female Pattern Hair loss, Alopecia Areata, Chemotherapy, Trichotillomania to name a few it is really life-changing to how it makes you feel.

Please get in touch if you would like a consultation, I am able to fit anywhere from 16g to 275g.

Micro Ring
Hidden Weave
LA Weave
Integrated Hair Mesh System

Price On Application